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Sonata Vampirica by Samuel Peralta

ISBN : 978-0-9866291-0-5
Paperback, 48 pages

“Stunning, brilliant… Truly becoming one of my favorite poets. Ever.”
-Ellen Hopkins, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author of Tricks

Sonata Vampirica has been hailed a landmark work in the new media literary renaissance. Originally written as flash fiction, this sonnet cycle was serialized online on Twitter and Blogspot, over the course of three months, to widespread acclaim.

Framed as an alternating dialogue, each sonnet is a standalone piece that adds to a growing arc, with each ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ poem from the perspective of a vampire, and the poem immediately after from his victim, in response.

Classical in approach, innovative in its use of language and metaphor, Sonata Vampirica is a tour-de-force, a marvelous re-invention of the genre, and an imaginative discourse on the extremes of love, the horror of abusive relationships, and the struggle for salvation.


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